Printables for this week:
Faithful Chart from Hubbard’s Cupboard
Proverbs 17:17 from Hubbard’s Cupboard
This week we learned about being faithful using the story of Jonathan and David.  Since the chart defined faithful as being a good friend, we focused this week on “how” to be a good friend.  Keeping your promises, using kind words, not saying or doing hurtful things to our friends were all put into action this week.  (And what a week to practice with a major case of spring fever going through this place!  hehe)  In fact, in an attempt to calm some of the spring craziness, I decided to start Monday morning with some new playdough infused with lavender essential oil. The girls have been asking for pink or purple, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

It was also fun for them to watch the colors mix from this 

to this!

Our zoo friend this week was Willie Weasel, and I must admit my weasel resources are rather slim, except for this one book I remembered called Earthquack!.  It is a version of the classic “the sky is falling” tale and has a weasel for the villian.  Quite the tongue-twister to read, but the children enjoyed it.  

We went looking for videos, but didn’t find any good enough to share with you.  One thing we learned was that weasels build their nests in rock piles, or take over other animals nests rather than building their own.  Levi got a kick out of this sneakiness, and has been testing it out all weekend. “I was tricky like Willie Weasel and snuck some chocolate chips, then hid over here to eat them.”  Not looking forward to one more week of this, as tricky Xavier Fox is coming up next week.  :-S 

Wednesday was our last day of swimming lessons, and a very exciting day for one of our Jungle Families.  Miss Peggy had her baby, making Gaia an official big sister!  There was lots of praying involved, and lots of faith built, as our prayers were answered and Peggy was able to have a natural birth.  We still haven’t been able to meet baby Sitka, but are looking forward to meeting her soon!!
This Thursday’s cooking day might have just been the most popular one yet.  We made Waffles, and they were indeed wonderful.  Miss Niki whisked everything together,

and Papito came home just in time to help us cook them up!

Toppings included berry syrup, whipped cream, nut butter, and honey.  Berries and cream took the landslide vote in everyone’s book (except Josh’s), and all went for seconds, thirds, or even fourths!

We visited Miss Jennifer, Nat, and Abi for Fun Friday, and the children had a Wonderful time in the fort.

It took up half the living room, and their imaginations took up even more.  hehe

Rachel and Gio joined us too, for a fun-filled morning.

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