Printables for this week:
Patient Chart from Hubbard’s Cupboard
Ephesians 4:2b from Hubbard’s Cupboard
This week we learned about being patient…hhhmmm.  I think this was for Mamas (or at least me) as much as for the children.  Funny how that works.  Click here for a little reminder of patience I just happened to come across this week from Ann Voskamp’s blog.  (Her writing is so beautiful…it always calms my wearied soul.)

Our bible character was Elizabeth, and what a good reminder she is.  Waiting for years with no child, in a culture where that meant everything.  Through the shame, disappointment, and loneliness, she remained a righteous woman.  Another translation says she “enjoyed a clear conscience before God.”  Ouch!  How many people can keep their heart and attitude clear when life is not going the way we want it to. We took the initiative to recognize and practice waiting patiently this week for snacks, stories, speaking, and especially “our turn.”  For our bible page, they were to draw a clock (to symbolize time passing and Elizabeth waiting patiently) and a baby named John.  Here is Levi’s work with the clock “hands spinning so it looks like a long, long time!”  I have been delighting in his creativity lately.

Our zoo friend was Timothy Tiger, and we discovered lots of great tiger facts.  Did you know that a tiger’s roar can be heard up to 2 miles away?  Tiger Time for Stanley by Griff integrates lots of facts in a very cute story about a boy comparing his cat to a tiger (especially for a certain 3-year-old girlie who dreams of having a pet “meow-me” too).  We also read A Tiger Cub Grows Up by Joan Hewett, and learned that Tara (the tiger in the book) lives in San Fransisco, CA where our airplane will be landing this summer!  We were checking out Six Flags Discovery Park and found this cool video of a white Bengal tiger diving underwater to get it’s dinner.

We had great fun with our cooking project this week…tiger toast!  We first talked about color mixing, then added some food coloring to cream cheese to make orange and black.  Each child got a piece of toast and a little watercolor paint brush to create their tiger designs.  A little tip for success:  Use orange first, then black.  Just like in watercolors, the black will quickly overpower any other colors.

For our Fun Friday activity, we had treats at Miss Jennifer’s house!  The children were so entertained, there was not even an interest in the tea party we had planned.  So us JungleMama’s continued to talk and eat treats.  Hope we didn’t tear up your house too much Jen!

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