Printables for this week:

Teachable Bible page
Teachable Chart (BW) from Hubbard’s Cupboard
Bible Memory Tune Chart: Hebrews 12:11 from Hubbard’s Cupboard
Zoo ABC – letter c
Zoo Math C – #3
Zacchaeus Dance
Zacchaeus Lift-A-Flap

We had a lot of fun with Zacchaeus this week. We used The Young Learner’s Bible Storybook to read the story, which emphasized the words “up” and “down.” Now the title says “bible storybook” mind you, so they take liberty to add some imagination at times. Like where “Zacchaeus stretched up as tall as he could, but only saw the back of the crowd. Then he scrunched down to the ground, but Zacchaeus only saw hairy legs.” Of course, after just reading it one time, the hairy legs detail was included in Levi’s retelling every single time this week. hehe

We also learned the Zacchaeus dance! (Thank you to Doris Johnson who posted her movement idea at’s Ideas & Lesson Exchange) I just explained the story and actions to the children, then we practiced it all together doing each movement for eight beats. Any kind of movement for preschoolers is great fun, especially if you call it a dance. 😉

Another highlight was the lift a flap activity from the Zacchaeus ideas at Danielle’s Place. I had a little trouble getting it lined up on my computer, so I made a pdf version that is sure to line up. I printed the first page on regular paper, and the second on card stock. I had the children color Zacchaeus and the animals only on the first page, then gave them the second page to color completely. When they’re finished, take an exacto knife (and with cardboard underneath), cut along the dotted lines on the top page. Open up the flaps so you can be sure not to glue the windows, then turn it over and put glue on the remaining parts. Flip it, stick it, and let it dry, and your children will have great fun playing peek-a-boo with Zacchaeus. Unless of course you have a daughter like mine, who refused to let me cut out the flaps “Don’t ruin it Mamita! I yike it yike dis.”

Since Aryelle loves cats or “meow-me’s” as she calls them, Catina Cat was definitely a hit. However, we had so much fun with Zacchaeus that all our extra cat activities (like this recipe for Black Cat Snack) got pushed aside.

For Friday’s edition of Jungle School, we used shaving “c”ream to practice writing the letter C, our names, and any other “c”reations they wanted to make. I was surprised that they were ready to be finished so soon, but remembering the drama of dirty hands last year at this time I can say…we’ve come a long way baby! (Except for my son…the oldest, and of course the one who insisted on a straw so his hands wouldn’t get dirty. At least he lets me do his handprints now though!)

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