Printables for this week:
Kind Chart from Hubbard’s Cupboard
It was a holiday week in Panama for Carnaval.  Woohoooo!!!  Not really.  hehe  For us, that basically means a time to enjoy the lack of traffic and people in the city, as they all head to the beach or other locations to party it up.  We were planning to keep on our normal school routine, but ended up just focusing on our character trait – kindness.  
Since we had a full house of girls, I decided to plan a ladybug day instead and put off Sammy Snake until next week when most of the boys return.  Actually, the ladybug day was a last minute idea that came to me in bed the night before.  (Am I the only crazy one in this world whose last thoughts of the night are receiving new lesson plans?  People who choose the teaching profession for the 3 months vacation are clueless, because most teachers I know never get to turn their brain off.  It is like a computer running 24/7, whether on sleep mode, stand-by, or full power.)  Okay, I’m stepping off the soap box now.  Back to ladybugs and kindness…
We read this book that talks about accepting others even though they are different than us.  Especially fun since 2 out of our 4 girls have “boing-yoing curls” just like Dottie in the book.  

We watched this YouTube video of Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug (since I didn’t have the book.  Hurray for YouTube!)  The opposite of kind is mean, and this grouchy ladybug is a perfect example of that.  However, in the end he changes his tune and decides to use kind words.
For this week’s cooking project, we made ladybug cupcakes!  Just frost a regular size cupcake with pink or red frosting.  Add a half oreo for the head, and some chocolate chips for the spots.  Delicioso!

For our Fun Friday activity, we went to visit Miss Amy again!  It was a beautiful summer day full of hammock play, making monster truck tracks in the dirt, and playing in the “clubhouse.”  Lots of opportunities to practice our kindness in the real world.  hehe My camera memory was full, but I hope to post some borrowed pics soon.  Here is one of my Three Amigos after a full day of Friday fun.

This week had lots of Life School fun too.  Two summer BBQ’s, a “Girl’s Only” playdate for moms and daughters and a swimming day at Miss Peggy’s house, plus some special family time.  Levi wanted some time just with Mamita, so we stayed home and worked on his Trio Block binder (post to come soon.)  Papito took the other two out, and Ary was so excited to have Papi Time that they dressed alike.  hehe

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