Printables for this week:
Loving Chart from Hubbard’s Cupboard
This week we talked about love, which was appropriate by being surrounded by Valentine’s Day propaganda!  The definition of love is “unselfishly meeting another’s needs; acting with kindness, patience, and forgiveness.”  Sounds like the definition of a wife and mother too, right?  Or at least what we should be aiming for.  😉  Our bible story this week was about the ultimate example of love, God sending His son Jesus to the Earth.  Most people don’t associate this act with the type of romantic love advertised on Valentine’s Day, but the reality is…it is the epitome of sacrificial love.  

Our zoo friend this week was Olive Octopus.  I think the favorite octopus project was adding the “tentacles” to a construction paper version by using the hole reinforcement stickers.  The children got lots of fine motor practice in by peeling and sticking, and didn’t even know it.  Just the kind of learning I like!

For our cooking project, we ran out of gas for the stove and had to get creative.  Nothing like a last minute field trip to New York Bagel to sample some delicious “O” bread (bagels).  Bagels were a rare find even in the grocery stores of Panama when we first arrived here, and now there is actually a bagel store.  Wooohooo!  The children did great in the restaurant, each choosing a car to bring for entertainment while we waited for the “O”s.  They weren’t actually making the bagels while we were there, but we did get to see the mixer in action for some braided bread loaves.  We need to plan field trips more often.  hehe

For our Fun Friday version of Jungle School, we took over Miss Clare’s house.  The children loved getting in some outside play time, which has been especially sparse this rainy “dry season.”

We also got to see our plant bearing fruit…our pineapple plant that is.  Luigi chopped off the top and planted it in the backyard when we were newlyweds here.  I thought it had been long forgotten, but it was in a planter outside….with a little pineapple growing on it!  A great little gift of love to a mamita in need…a little reminder from the Lord that our actions are not in vain.  Our work as mothers, and even our lives here on Earth, often seems forgotten.  There will be a time though when all the little seeds we plant will come to bear fruit, and oh how sweet it will be!  
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