Join us for free virtual Spanish Preschool classes

Right now, many people’s lives are spinning trying to figure out how to navigate the upcoming weeks with COVID-19.

Whether you are suddenly quarantined at home with your Preschooler, a homeschool parent needing some new activities to do with your children at home, or a teacher needing activities to send home for children…we are here to help!

For the next few weeks, we will be making this brand new Dinosaur activity pack available in our VIP Library for free.  We pray that this will bless your children and/or students, and provide some fun and memorable family times.

What’s inside the Spanish Home Learning Dinosaur pack?

  • 10 Little Dinosaurs song page
  • Flashcards (for games like Memory and Go Fish)
  • Dinosaur dictionary
  • “I Have, Who Has?” Dinosaur color game
  • Dinosaur Punch Print
  • Interactive Dinosaurs Mini-Book with QR code video
  • Shape-a saurus craft

Ready to start learning? You can download the English or Spanish version immediately, here inside the VIP Library.

Feel free to pick and choose the resources just right for your children.  We have also included a week-long lesson plan to help you plan out the activities. 

Want to join us for Virtual Spanish Preschool?

One of the biggest requests from our Spanglish Schoolhouse community, was some sort of Virtual Spanish Preschool. Many families are looking for ways to keep up Spanish learning, even if they don’t speak the language fluently. Many teachers needed something online they could point their students to during this time of distance learning. That is how our virtual Dinosaur School came along!

By April 3, you will find 5 days of Dinosaur School videos inside our VIP Library. For each day, you will see a 30 minute video in Spanish, and the same 30 minute video in English. To separate the languages, look for a black shirt for the Spanish version, and green shirt for the English version. The idea is that your Preschooler will watch the video for the day, then choose any of the optional activities from the Home Learning Pack to complete afterwards.

In the VIP Library, you will also find all of the extra resources, and detailed explanations for how to use the printables of the day.

Where can you watch Dinosaur School videos?

  • Facebook – The videos are available here on our Facebook page, but they appear in the order Facebook chooses. It can sometimes be hard to navigate.
  • YouTube – They are also available on our YouTube channel, if that is more convenient.
  • VIP Area – The best way to watch them is inside our VIP Library. Here they are organized by day, and come with lots of extra resources.

Note: Although these lessons were created with Preschool children in mind, they were tested with smiles on children ranging from ages 3-8.  Not even older, “cool” kids can resist dinosaurs.  hehe

to access the Dinosaur printables and videos in Spanish and English.

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