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Spanish Alphabet Books Bundle


* Spanish Alphabet Books for 29 letters (A-Z, plus soft c & soft g)

* Flipbooks feature a QR code so children can read along with the video

* Includes five resources for each letter for 150 pages of Spanish Alphabet fun

* Perfect for Spanish Preschool and Bilingual Kindergarten

Do you want an easy way to practice Spanish letter names and words with your children, but your not sure if you’re saying it right?  We’ve got your back with these Spanish Alphabet Books with QR codes.  hehe

This bundle is fantastic for practicing letter identification, syllable counting, and beginning sounds in Spanish (or sonidos iniciales).

The student resources are 100% Spanish, and suitable for dual language, dual immersion, bilingual, and native Spanish-speaking classrooms.  (Only the teacher instruction pages are in English.)

Do you ma, me, mi, mo, mu?  If so, you’ll appreciate that every consonant book has all five vowels represented.  (The exception is c & g, because there are two versions for those letters: hard and soft.)

We tried to choose words that begin with open syllables, or sílabas abiertas.   However, in order to find words for every vowel combination, we had to get creative (like ñisñil for the “ñi” syllable) and open syllables were not always possible.

Each letter comes with five resources:

  1. Flip book with QR Code – a printable book children can color, cut, staple, and read to practice beginning sounds in the context of a predictable sentence. These have QR codes, so children can scan and read along with the flip book using any QR code reader on a phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Video – This is a full color version of the above flip book being read.  NOTE: The QR code connects children to files in Google Drive. You will want to be sure your district does not block Google Drive files.  
  3. Trace & Match – trace the word and match it to the correct picture
  4. Word Puzzle & Syllable Count – Children use the word bank to match the word to the correct picture, then count and circle the correct number of syllables.
  5. Word & Picture Puzzles – Use these to introduce the vocabulary for each letter, as matching puzzles, or to play memory or Go Fish.

Download Letter Mm Sample NOW

This bundle also includes:

* Letter flashcards – Perfect for letter identification or sorting the Word & Picture Puzzles by beginning sounds

Fantastic activity to practice sorting beginning sounds in Spanish or sonidos iniciales

* Syllable Flashcards – Great for practicing syllable counting before completing the Word Puzzle and Syllable Count printable

Whole class activity for counting syllables in Spanish

* Word and Picture Cards – a smaller version of the including both the word and picture.  Perfect for adding to your writing center.

Want a sneak peek inside?  Check out this video preview…


Learning Spanish articles is extremely important, and especially challenging for non-Native speakers.  However, we chose NOT to include articles in these resources because of the emphasis on beginning sounds and syllable counting.  If you are looking for vocabulary resources that do include articles, check out our Spanish Picture Dictionary or Spanish Preschool Vocabulary Bundle.

Looking for a way to learn those Spanish Alphabet sounds?  You’ll have to check out Alfa Animales!



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