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Seasonal Happy Poem Bundle


* Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten

* 16 different themes included

* Poetry page, Mini Books, and Pocket charts for each theme

* Over 210 pages of year-round poetry fun for ELLs

This Seasonal Happy Poem Bundle is great for shared reading all year!  Each poem follows the same rhyme, so children pick up on the predictable pattern right away.

The best part?  The poetry pages and Mini Books are interactive!  They have a QR Code that children can scan to watch a video of the poem being read.  Parents don’t speak English?  No problem!  Everyone can listen along and practice with the video.

Sample of "Caterpillar Happy" just one of an entire year's worth of interactive Seasonal Happy Poems with QR codes


Have you heard the classic “Jack O’ Happy” children’s poem?  It has been changed up a bit to go with various seasonal themes, and your children will love it!

There are 16 happy poems included:


  1. Pumpkin Happy
  2. Corn Happy
  3. Leaf Happy
  4. Turkey Happy


  1. Gift Happy (coming soon)
  2. Tree Happy (“on a mountain”)
  3. Tree Happy (“with lights”)
  4. Snow Happy
  5. Heart Happy


  1. Kite Happy
  2. Egg Happy (“with a chick inside”)
  3. Egg Happy (“decorated”)
  4. Flower Happy
  5. Caterpillar Happy

Summer:  Coming in May


What is included with “Seasonal Happy Poem Bundle”?

For each of the poems, you’ll get:

  • Poem page w/QR Code in color and black/white – each line is illustrated with a simple image
  • Mini Book w/QR Code – includes all three versions: Coloring Book, Illustrate your own, and Cut and Paste
  • Pocket Chart Images in color and black/white – great for sequencing
  • Pocket Chart Cards – the text of the poem is included for sentence building fun


  • *BONUS* Poetry Book Cover in color and black/white – Perfect for making each child their own Spanish poetry book

All resources listed above are in ENGLISH ONLY!


This Seasonal Happy Poem Bundle was created with your Preschool or Kindergarten children, English Language Learners (ELL or ESL), or bilingual homeschool in mind.


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Looking for Seasonal Happy Poems in SpanishGo here.


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