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Number Writing Rhymes with QR Code Videos


  • * Perfect for Preschool – 1st Grade
  • * Catchy rhymes make learning to write numbers fun and easy
  • * Includes QR Code videos
  • * Practice pages reinforce correct number formation


Number Writing Rhymes now have QR Code Videos!

Here’s a peek at the Zero video…


What makes these number writing rhymes special?

1) Consistency – All of the rhymes are the same length (four beats), and end with the phrase “I know how to write a zero (or whatever the name of the number is).” This predictable pattern make the rhymes quick to learn, and more fluid to chant all together.

2) Picture cues – Every rhyme has concrete illustrations that match. For example, number three is “Hop around the tree, around the tree. I know how to write a three.” and the visual cue is a kangaroo hopping around a tree.

3) Rhyme describes number formation – By saying the rhyme, the children are internalizing the correct way to write the number. For example, the most important part of writing a number one is starting at the top. The number one rhyme is “Start at the top and down you run, I know how to write a one.”

4) They are BILINGUAL!!! – Yes, that deserves an all caps because it was no easy task. Even though this is the English packet, a copy of the Spanish reference guide is included in case you have ELLs whose parents speak Spanish.


This pack includes the following printables:

1) Color posters with no text

2) Black/White posters with no text

3) Color posters with rhyme at the bottom

4) Black/White posters with rhyme at the bottom

5) Flashcards

6) 2 versions of number writing practice pages

7) Reference guides (numbers 0-9 plus the rhymes laid out in one page) in English and Spanish (These are perfect for sending home to parents for homework practice, displaying at your math center, or anywhere you need a quick visual reference.)

All posters were designed to take up a full 8.5 x 11 page. The posters come in high resolution color, or black/white version for those who prefer to save ink and color it themselves. You can use the full size for wall posters, print 2 per page for half size playdoh mats, or print 4 per page for flashcards. The possibilities are many!

If you teach in a bilingual or dual language class…save some money and buy the ENGLISH/SPANISH COMBO BUNDLE!

Would you prefer Spanish?  No problem!  Find the Spanish version here.


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