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Monthly Self-Portrait Journal for Preschool


These monthly self-portrait journals are a great way to see your child’s drawing and writing progress throughout the year.

This 50 page Monthly Self-Portrait Journal Pack includes:

  • ​Cover pages
  • First and Last Day of School pages
  • Monthly pages with seasonal art
  • Monthly pages with NO seasonal art

A great way to see a child’s progress throughout the year is through their drawing and writing. These monthly self-portrait journals are a simple way to capture both skills!

Note:  If you are part of Manitos Bilingual Virtual Preschool, you already have access to this resource here.


What pages are included in the Monthly Self-Portrait Journal?

  • Cover pages in color and black/white
  • A page for the First Day and Last Day of School – These special memories are fun to capture in art.
  • A page for every month of the year with seasonal art.
  • A page for every month of the year without seasonal art – This option is for those who don’t live in North America, or prefer not to use seasonal themes. These pages are easy to customize with stickers around the border, if you would like children to create their own colorful themes.

Note: Every version of the journal pages above come with two name writing options.


You can either choose to have children write their name in a box or on a line, depending on what they are used to. If you need to document name writing, these pages are the perfect way to informally do that.


How can you use these journal pages?

1. At the end of every month, have children draw their favorite memory or special event from the month.

2. Have a special bulletin board to showcase your children’s monthly self-portraits.

3. Include the monthly self-portraits in a memory book or scrapbook of your child’s year.

4. Save the pages each month, and make a book at the end of the year. Choose a cover from the pack, and bind them all together.


This pack is also available in Spanish!

At Spanglish Schoolhouse, we provide excellent resources for parents and teachers of Spanish and English language learners. All teacher instructions come in both languages so you don’t have to translate one more thing to prepare your lessons. However, all of the student pages in this pack are in ENGLISH ONLY.


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