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Manzanas – Apple Preschool Printables in Spanish


  • Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten
  • More than 10 engaging apple activities in Spanish
  • Integrate science, literacy, math, and more!
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Are you looking for some fun “manzana”-themed printables for your Preschooler?  The Manzanas – Apple Preschool Printables in Spanish pack is just the thing to get your 4-6 year old excited with some hands-on apple learning!


What does the Manzanas Preschool Printables Pack include?

Two Interactive Apple Mini-Books in Spanish with QR Code Videos – These printable mini-books use simple vocabulary following predictable patterns.

As a bonus, when children scan the cover with any QR Code reader, a video of the mini-book is played! This encourages multiple readings, and helps children with pronunciation.

  • “Veo una manzana” – Focuses on the parts of an apple using the pattern “Veo…”  Children also practice the words “¡Delicioso!” and “¡Guácala!” with a little worm at the bottom of the page.
  • “Diez manzanas” – Focuses on counting with numbers 1-10 using the pattern “___ manzanas en la cabeza.”  It is the perfect follow up to reading famous apple counting book.

Manualidad de plato de manzana (Apple Plate Craft) – A simple craft using torn paper to practice the parts of an apple vocabulary.

Las partes de una manzana (Parts of an Apple Cut & Paste) – A cut and paste activity to label the parts of an apple.

Cancion – Manzanas y bananas (Song Page with QR code video) – A printable song page with the popular “Manzanas y Bananas” song that changes the vowels to make silly words. This page comes in both color and black/white.

Patrones de manzanas (Apple Patterns) – Based on the “Diez manzanas en la cabeza” book, children use the same characters to build simple patterns with red, green, and yellow apples. There are six cards to copy the pattern, and six cards to extend the pattern.

Prueba de sabor de manzana (Apple Taste Test) – Use any three apples to taste test, then record their results using “Delicioso, Ok, and Guácala.”

Gráficos de manzanas (Apple Graphs) – There are four graph options to fit your needs.

  • Apple Color Floor Graph – Have children graph their favorite color of apple in a pocket chart or on the floor.
  • Apple Graph with 3 colors – Children can record the results of the floor graph on a single page, or use it with red, green, and yellow pom poms as a Grab & Graph game.
  • Apple Treat Graph – This has the same two options as above, but using four choices of apple-based treats.  Children can graph and record their favorite.

Rompecabezas de nombres con manzanas (Apple Name Puzzles) – Use a white crayon to write a letter in each apple, then paint it to reveal the letter.

Punticos de manzana (Apple Punch Print) – This has the picture and text for some great fine motor practice.

Huellas de árbol de manzana (Apple Tree Handprint Art) – Instructions for making a fall-themed memory using your child’s handprint while sneaking in lots of fine motor practice.


This pack is also available in English!

At Spanglish Schoolhouse, we provide excellent resources for parents and teachers of Spanish and English language learners. All teacher instructions come in both languages so you don’t have to translate one more thing to prepare your lessons. However, all of the student pages in this pack are in SPANISH ONLY.


Note:  If you are part of Manitos Virtual Preschool, you already have access to this resource here.

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