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COMBO Bundle – I Have, Who Has Math ~ Yo Tengo, ¿Quién Tiene? Matemáticas


  • * Great for developing oral language and number vocabulary
  • * Perfect for English Language Learners (ELLs) of all ages
  • * Bundle includes all 12 math games
    • – 6 English “I Have, Who Has?” games
    • – 6 Spanish “Yo Tengo, ¿Quién Tiene?” games
  • * Includes two versions of each game:
    • – Numbers 0-20
    • – Numbers 0-30

If you teach in a dual language classroom or have a bilingual homeschool, then this COMBO bundle is for you! You will save 30% off the regular price!!

This bundle includes:

The English Math Bundle with the following “I Have, Who Has?” math games:
– Numbers
– Number Words
– Tally Marks
– Dominoes
– Ten Frames
– Counting Fingers

The Spanish Math Bundle with the following “Yo Tengo, ¿Quién Tiene?” math games:
Números (Numbers)
Palabras de Números (Number Words)
Marcas de Conteo (Tally Marks)
Dominós (Dominoes)
Cuadro de Diez (Ten Frames)
Dedos de Conteo (Counting Fingers)

There are two versions of each of the 12 games included to practice numbers 0-20 or 0-30, whichever option is best for your students.


“I Have, Who Has?” is an interactive game that gets students engaged (and up and moving if you so desire). It is great for developing oral language, number vocabulary, taking turns, and listening practice. This game was developed with dual language teachers in mind, as the English numbers and number words are in blue, and Spanish numbers and words are in red.

So, how do you play?

1. Pass out a card to each child. If you have cards left over, keep passing them out until there are no cards left. (If children have multiple cards, they can spread them out in front to see better. They don’t need to be kept secret.)
2. The child with the Green “GO” sign in the top left corner of their card begins. They will stand up and say for example “I have one. Who has five?”
3. The child with five will stand up and read their card. “I have five. Who has…?”
4. Play continues until the game ends with the “STOP” card. That student answers “I have … STOP!” to signal the end of the game.


If you would like to preview a version of this game, it is available as a subscriber freebie here on our blog.


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