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I Have, Who Has {Farm Theme}


  • * Fun way to review Farm vocabulary
  • * Great for English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • * Practice adjective placement and conjugations of has/have
  • * 3 game variations included for numbers, colors, and farm vocabulary


“I have…Who has?” games, otherwise known as Zip Around games, are great for developing oral language, farm vocabulary, taking turns, and listening skills.  These interactive games are great for getting students engaged (and up and moving if you so desire).

This Farm “I Have, Who Has” pack includes 3 versions of the game:

  • Farm Vocabulary – “I have the cow.  Who has the horse?”
  • Counting Objects 1-12 – “I have one cow.  Who has the three horses?”  This game is great for subitizing as the animals are in random order, and not numerical order.  It also has children practice the plural form of the words.
  • Colors – “I have (image of a purple cow).  Who has (image of a blue horse)?”  These cards use only the image so they can be used at different difficulty levels.  For an easy version, students would say the name of the color…“I have purple. Who has blue?” For a more difficult version would use adjectives to describe the animal…“I have the purple cow. Who has the blue horse?”
Each version of the game contains 12 cards. You will need to do the math and decide how to split up your class.  If you have a large class, you can always split them up into smaller groups and “loop” the game for a set amount of time.  For example, for a class of 30, you can divide them into three groups with 10 students each. Give each group a different version of the game, and have 2 students in each group play more than one card.
How do you play “I have…Who has?”?
1. Pass out a card to each child. If you have cards left over, keep passing them out until there are no cards left. (If children have multiple cards, they can spread them out in front to see better. They don’t need to be kept secret.)
2. The child with the Green “GO” sign in the top left corner of their card begins. They will stand up and say “I have the cow.  Who has the horse?”
3. The child with horse will stand up and read their card. “I have the horse. Who has…?”
4. Play continues until the game ends with the “STOP” card. That student answers “I have … STOP!” to signal the end of the game.  (If you prefer to loop the game for continuous play, optional ending cards are included for each version.)
This Farm “I Have, Who Has”  game is also available in Spanish, Yo Tengo, ¿Quién Tiene? La Granja
a Granja

The vocabulary words include:

  • cow
  • horse
  • duck
  • goose
  • hen
  • rooster
  • chick
  • donkey
  • sheep
  • pig
  • sheep dog

Looking for more Farm Resources?

Check out these packs sold separately:


The bundle includes 70 pages of vocabulary fun including:

  • Dictionary Pages
  • Flashcards
  • Pocket Chart Strips
  • Word Work
  • Writing Prompts
  • Interactive Mini-Book
  • I Have, Who Has (Zip Around Game)
  • Bingo

Check out the FARM VOCABULARY BUNDLE here.

Do you prefer Spanish?  Check out the Spanish version La Granja Vocabulario.