Family Vocabulary Pack


  • * Perfect for English Language Learners
  • * Many options to differentiate instruction
  • * 140 pages of Family vocabulary fun
  • * Covers family-related vocabulary, reading, writing, math, oral language, and listening skills!


Are you struggling trying to reach students of different levels?  This is the perfect pack for differentiating instruction while practicing family-related vocabulary, reading, writing, oral language, and listening skills.

What’s included in this fantastic Family-themed Vocabulary resource?

1. Dictionary Pages – 5 versions:  Color, Black & White, Draw & Label, Label, and Cut & Paste.

2. Flashcards – Color and Black & White.  Print two copies and enjoy a game of Memory or Go Fish.  You can also use them for all sorts of phonemic awareness games – sort them by number of syllables, sort by beginning sounds, find rhyming words, etc.

3. Pocket Chart Strips – These come in two versions, one with lines to separate the graphics from the words in case you didn’t want a picture cue on your pocket chart cards. Use these to build sentences in pocket charts, add to your word wall, or put each theme on a ring to use in the writing center

4. Interactive Mini-Book with QR Code – Three versions: Coloring Book, Illustrate Your Own, and Cut and Paste.  The family emergent reader uses the repetitive text “He/she is my ____ .”  Children can use any QR code reader to scan the code on the front cover, which connects to a Google Drive video of the mini-book being read.  This is a great way to support learning at home, as well as Spanish pronunciation.

5. Song Sheet with QR Code – Two versions: Color or Black/White.  A child-friendly song sheet featuring the lyrics to the song “Finger Family” with images to match the text.  It also features a QR code in the corner.  When scanned with any QR code reader, it  connects to a YouTube video created with SafeShare.  This means children are not able to see or access any recommended videos, or any other links in YouTube…ONLY the song chosen.  This is one of the only ways I have found to truly watch YouTube content in a “safe” way.

6. Word Work – There are six variations of extra word work to choose from: Trace and Match, Box It Word Puzzle, Beginning Sound Cut and Paste, ABC Order, Syllable Sorting, Concept Sorting (sort by male/female, long hair/short hair, etc.)

7. Writing Prompts – There are four “How to” prompts for informational writing, three “word bank” prompts with sentence starters, and two blank draw and journal pages with a checklist at the bottom to help young writers be successful and independent.

8. I Have, Who Has Game – A fun, whole group game to practice oral language skills, adjective placement, verb conjugation of has/have, and more!

9. Bingo Game – There are 9 squares per Bingo card.  Set 1 (10 cards) features just images, with the choice of printing them in Color or Black/White.  Set 2 (10 cards) features only words for a more challenging version of the game.   Using both the picture and word sets would give you a total of 20 different BINGO cards.

There are two versions of vocabulary words for this pack:

Casual version is listed below with the (formal version in parenthesis).

  • dad (father)
  • mom (mother)
  • brother
  • sister
  • baby
  • siblings
  • uncle
  • aunt
  • cousin
  • parents
  • grandpa (grandfather)
  • grandma (grandmother)


This Family Vocabulary pack is definitely a bargain with over 140 pages of fun!

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