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English Preschool Vocabulary Bundle


* Hand picked English resources for Preschoolers

* 12 high interest themes

* Includes flashcards, song sheets, picture dictionary, trace and write, and mini-books for each theme

* Over 275 pages of vocabulary fun for ESL and ELLs

Are you looking for simple thematic resources to teach your preschooler English?  This English Preschool Vocabulary Bundle includes hand picked resources just right for young learners.  These packs have all the differentiation you’ll need to make everyone feel successful, even at the preschool level!
Each theme comes with five resources:
  1. Flashcards – a color and black and white version.  Articles are not included on these, so that you can use them to build sentences.  (If they wanted to build the sentence ‘Ella es mi mamá.’ and the card says ‘la mamá’ it woudn’t work.)
  2. Picture Dictionary – 5 versions are included (color, black/white, cut and paste, label, draw and label)  These do have articles to help reinforce them when learning the vocabulary.
  3. Trace & Match – trace the word and match it to the correct picture
  4. Mini-Book with QR Code ‘Read Aloud’ Video – 3 versions are included (Illustrate your own, cut and paste, and coloring book).  Perfect to help children practice vocabulary in the context of a predictable sentence.
  5. Song Sheet with QR Code ‘Sing Along’ Video -a color and black and white version.  These have QR codes, so children can scan and listen using any QR code reader on a phone, tablet, or computer.

The vocabulary themes included are:

  • Family (Casual and Formal versions)
  • Food
  • Positional Words
  • Farm
  • Opposites
  • Clothing
  • Body Parts
  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Feelings
  • Community Helpers
  • Pets


Prefer a Spanish version?  Check out the Spanish Preschool Thematic Bundle.


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