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Editable Class Rules in Spanish


Ready to simplify your class rules the Spanglish way?

This 40 page Editable Class Rules Pack includes English and Spanish version of:

  • ​Pocket Chart cards
  • Printable mini-books
  • 8 Posters
  • An editable PowerPoint version of the posters

This is a Spanglish take on the classic “Give Me Five” Preschool Rules.

  • Eyes looking ~ Ojos mirando
  • Ears listening ~ Oidos escuchando
  • Mouths quiet ~ Bocas calladas
  • Hands helping ~ Manos ayudando
  • Bodies sitting ~ Cuerpos sentados

These EDITABLE Class Rules started as a version of the classic Preschool classroom management technique “Give Me Five.”

I realized we could cover almost all behavior situations by adding some additional wording like hands helping, hearts willing, etc.

(Are your hands helping your friend when they point out a mistake he made?  Is your heart willing to forgive your friend when they say something mean to you?)

The Editable Class Rules in Spanish pack includes:

  • ​Pocket Chart cards (English & Spanish versions)
  • Printable mini-books (English & Spanish versions)
  • 8 Posters (English & Spanish versions)
  • An editable PowerPoint version of the posters (You can change the text to either language.)

Note:  These are not bilingual resources with English/Spanish on the same page.  You have access to the English versions AND Spanish versions of all the files.


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