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Cubos de invierno (Winter Snap Cube Center in Spanish)


Easy, low-prep math center for K-2nd graders

* Use logic to build 12 winter objects

* Differentiate the task cards and recording sheets so all children are successful

* Over 30 pages of Winter STEM fun in Spanish

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Cubos de invierno (Winter Snap Cube Center in Spanish) is an easy, low-prep, math center to keep your children busy this winter.

Children can:

  • build winter objects with snap cubes
  • count how many blocks they used
  • practice those logic and fine motor skills by recording their creations

The task cards come in two levels.  Children needing more support can use the larger cards to match the blocks exactly before building.  Those wanting more of a challenge, can look at a smaller version of the completed snap block creation, than build it themselves.


What is included in “Cubos de invierno”?

  • Large Task Cards – This is a simpler version because the blocks are shown to scale, allowing children to match them up to form the object.  These 8 1/2 x 11 inch cards come in a full color or ink-friendly black/white version.  Each of the 12 large task cards includes a the object name, clip art image, and black/white image made of blocks.
  • Small Task Cards – This is a more challenging version because the blocks are NOT to scale.  These come in full color, and the children simply look at the image and try to recreate it using snap cubes.
  • Recording Sheet #1 – Children use the large task card to build one of the objects on sheet.  They color the image, record the colors the used to make their creation, then count how many blocks they used.
  • Recording Sheet #2 – Children complete a task card, then color the corresponding mitten.  Can be used with either small or large task cards.

All resources listed above are in SPANISH ONLY!

This fun winter math center in Spanish was created with your bilingual homeschool, or Spanish Immersion Preschool or Kindergarten classroom in mind.


Are you a Dual language teacher?  Check out the Winter Snap Cube Combo Pack!


Prefer English?  Here you go.


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