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Calabazas – Pumpkin Preschool Printables in Spanish


  • Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten
  • More than 10 engaging pumpkin activities in Spanish
  • Integrate science, literacy, math, and more!
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Are you looking for some fun “calabaza”-themed printables for your Preschooler?  The Calabazas – Pumpkin Preschool Printables in Spanish pack is just the thing to get your 4-6 year old excited with some hands-on pumpkin learning!


What does the Calabazas Preschool Printables Pack include?


1) Mini-Libro “El ciclo de vida de la calabaza” (Interactive Mini-Book with QR Code Video) – This printable mini-book uses simple vocabulary following the predictable pattern “Esta/Este es ______ .”  Each page focuses on a different phase in the life cycle of a pumpkin.

As a bonus, when children scan the cover with any QR Code reader, a video of the mini-book is played! This encourages multiple readings, and helps children with pronunciation.

2) Manualidad de ciclo de vida de la calabaza (Pumpkin Life Cycle Craft) – A hands-on way to create the entire pumpkin life cycle from seed to pumpkin.

3) Investigación de calabaza (Pumpkin Investigation) – A printable sheet help children make predictions, then test them through observation while moving through six different stations like weighing and measuring their pumpkin.

4) Ventanas de semillas de calabaza (Pumpkin Seed Windows) – Repurpose some of the pumpkin seeds from the Pumpkin Investigation, and watch them sprout!  This printable page creates a little window to watch the seeds, and includes a place for children to predict what will happen.

5) Canción – Cinco calabazas (Song Page with QR Code Video) – A printable song page with the song “Cinco calabazas” that practices counting to five while reviewing emotions.  This page comes in both color and black/white.

6) Gráficos y sentimientos de calabazas (Pumpkin Feelings and Graph) – Create pumpkin faces with different feelings, then play the grab and graph game to see who makes it to 10 first.

7) Pareo de formas de calabaza (Pumpkin Shape Match) – This shape match game includes matching 6 different shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, star.

8) Rompecabezas de letras de calabaza (Pumpkin Letter Puzzles) – In this game, children will match the uppercase and lowercase pumpkin letters.  The pages comes in both color and black/white.

9) Actividades extras de calabaza (Pumpkin Extras) – Currently includes pumpkin punch print, pumpkin seed names, and pumpkin color mixing bags.


This pack is also available in English!

At Spanglish Schoolhouse, we provide excellent resources for parents and teachers of Spanish and English language learners. All teacher instructions come in both languages so you don’t have to translate one more thing to prepare your lessons. However, all of the student pages in this pack are in SPANISH ONLY.


Note:  If you are part of Manitos Virtual Preschool, you already have access to this resource here.


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