Alfa Animales Abecedario Basic Package


The Alfa Animales Basic package is perfect for homeschoolers, tutors, or parents wanting to teach their children Spanish on the side.  It comes with 4 downloadable activity books, Alphabet Chart, MP3 chant, 28 downloadable Alfa Animales Videos, a set of 27 student flashcards, and a set of 10 bingo cards.

Imagine a multi-sensory, research-based method for learning the Spanish Alphabet, all packaged up behind a herd of exotic animals!  It is so fun and engaging, they won’t even know that learning Spanish Pre-Reading Skills is supposed to be hard work.
The Basic Package is perfect for working with small groups of students, tutoring situations, or parents wanting to teach their children Spanish on the side.
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What’s included in the Alfa Animales Abecedario Basic Package?

The Basic package includes both physical and digital products:
These items are available for download as soon as you purchase:
  • Alfa Animales Alphabet Chart (color and black & white)
  • Alfa Animales mp3 Chant (Ana Anaconda, /a/, /a/, /a/, Bela Ballena, /b/, /b/, /b/…)
  • Alfa Animales Motions (a pdf in English & Spanish explaining the ASL motions, if you choose to incorporate them)
  • Alfa Animales Coloring Book
  • Alfa Animales Dot-to-Dot Book
  • Alfa Animales Sensory ABC’s Book 
  • Alfa Animales Building Sentences Book
  • Alfa Animales Starter Package (6 weeks of detailed lesson plans)
  • BONUS Name and Rhyming Packs
  • Links to stream all instructional videos, including Teacher Videos, and 28 HD Videos of Children performing each ASL motion (1 per animal, 1 with the entire alphabet).
These physical products to be mailed to you:
  • 27 beautiful full-color flashcards featuring the animal and name on one side, and the animal superimposed on the letter on the other side (These double-sided cards measure 3.25 x 5 inches.)
  • 10 Bingo cards featuring an easy 9 square version with the animal and name on one side, and a more challenging 16 square version with the animal superimposed on the letter on the other side. (These double-sided cards measure 8.5 x 5.5 inches.)
For international orders, please contact us for shipping costs.

If you are a classroom teacher, or would like even more awesome Alfa Animales materials…check out the deluxe package!

If you have landed here first, check out the Alfa Animales page for more details.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact admin(at)spanglishschoolhouse(dot)com.

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