August 5

Chocolate Paw Print Recipe


It’s true…we like to play with our food!

We made this snack for Brown Bear week, but you could use your imagination to recreate any sort of paw you’d like!

Chocolate Bear Claw Recipe - Fun Food @ Spanglish Schoolhouse


Any rectangular cracker would work, but here in Latin America, our favorite sweet-with-a-hint-of-salty- goodness crackers are the Ducales brand.

Print Recipe
Fun Food - Chocolate Bear Claws
Simple recipe for the animal lover in the house. Even preschoolers can make this chocolate paw print all by themselves!
  1. Spread some peanut butter on a rectangle cracker (Graham crackers would work well, but here in Latin America, we use Ducales).
  2. "Glue" on a fudge cookie paw.
  3. Add four chocolate chip "claws" to finish it off.
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  1. Very cute Jana! I had no idea your family had grown so much!!
    Sharing this with Panama mamas on fb and positive ex-pats group.

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