August 19

Chick Cupcakes and Chocolate Nests


This recipe was originally posted on our old family blog…February 1, 2012.

One of my favorite girls is about to have double girls!  We can’t wait to meet you Laney and Berdie!!

Miss Clare (in the middle) and I, with a few of my other favorite girls at the shower.  Gotta love the Panama shine by the end of the night, hehe.

Bake some mini-cupcakes (I used a gluten-free mix for the guest of honor) and frost with yellow icing.

If you want the fuzzy effect, dip in raw coconut.

Break out the handy dandy Cutco scissors, and cut the marshmallows into quarters.  The trickiest part of the whole thing was sticking the eyes on the cupcake, as they wanted to stick to my finger, spoon, toothpick…every single method I tried!

Add a black frosting dot (tip #3) for the eye, and the tip of a candy corn for the beak.

I also made some chocolate nests to go along with the chickies.  The sweet/salty combo was delicious!  It was a spur of the moment creation, so I didn’t write down the recipe.  Oops!!!

Basically, I melted a cup of chocolate chips with a little coconut oil, stirring until smooth.  Then I added equal amounts of Arrowhead Mills Puffed Brown Rice Cereal and Mary’s Gone Raw Sticks and Twigs, until well coated.  Drop into cupcake liners, and make a little dent for the eggs.

I stuck them in the freezer to cool quickly, then dropped in the “eggs” (colored almonds) and waaaalaaaaa!  Scrumptious chocolate nests!

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Chick Cupcakes
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