Don't throw the seeds away after you carve that pumpkin! Try this simple science fun with pumpkin seed windows.

So you’ve carved the pumpkin….now what?  Don’t throw all the innards away!  Here’s an idea for some simple science fun called Pumpkin Seed Windows.

So you've carved the what?  Don't throw all the innards away!  Here's an idea for some simple fall science fun called Pumpkin Seed Windows.

First, make sure to prepare your “soil.”   You’ll need a snack-sized ziplock baggie and paper napkin or towel for each child, and a stapler.  Fold the napkin so it fits the entire width of the baggie, then get it damp (a squirt bottle works good, you just don’t want it dripping or your seeds will mold.)  Put the napkin at the bottom of the baggie, and make a line of staples just above the napkin.  The staples will keep the seeds from falling down into the napkin. (See the pictures below and it will all make sense.  😉 )

Take out a handful of seeds, drop them in a cup of water and swish it around to clean off the goop.

Have each child scoop out a few seeds and “plant” them in their soil.

Find a sunny window (or constantly rainy window if you live in Panama in October, hehe) and tape up your bags.

Then watch and wait to see what happens…

One week later, and we have a great seed network, and sprouts too!

Two weeks later, and these babies are ready to burst out of the bag!

Here is a fun printable to go along with this project.

Simply print off on orange cardstock and have the children write down their hypothesis before cutting around the outside of their pumpkin.  A grown-up might need to help with cutting out the window.

I think the pumpkin seeds will… burned up in the sun! Sissy~3.2 years

Finally, tell someone all about your experiment, even if it means calling your Grandma in California!


Updated 10-18-17

We gave our pumpkin seed windows a face lift,

and added a Spanish version!

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