Flag Day in Panama is November 4, so we decided to make some footprints to celebrate.
Here is what the Panama Flag looks like
A few more facts…
The flag of Panama was adopted on December 20, 1903 and provisionally approved in 1904 by the Constituent Assembly. It was not definitely approved until 1925. The blue and red stand for the Conservative Party and Liberal Party; the white stands for peace; the blue star represents the purity and honesty of the life of the country; the red star represents the authority and law in the country. 
To make the footprint you will need:
– a half sheet of light blue construction paper
– 3 paintbrushes
– red, white, and blue paint 
Have all your materials handy, so you can work quickly before the paint dries.  Have the child sit on stool in front of you, and stick their left foot in the air…beware of ticklishness.  hehe

Start with a little dot of white near the big toe and opposite heel, and use a paint brush to spread it into 2 rectangles.  Next add a dot of red paint near the pinky toe, and use a new brush to spread it into a quick rectangle.  Do the same with blue at the opposite heel.

Have them put their foot on the paper, and DO NOT MOVE!  Use your hand to gently push down each toe and all over to make sure the paint got transferred, then lift their foot straight up.  I usually fly them straight to the sink to wash those tootsies with soap and water, and keep my floor free of patriotic paint.  

When dry, add a foil star sticker in red and blue and your Panamanian flag is ready!

The colors turned out great in real life, but I can’t get the light blue to show up correctly in the photos.  Oh well!
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    1. You have to do it Heather! I bet the sensory aspect of getting their foot painted would be super memorable experience. The Panama flag really is perfect for this.

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