FREE Holy Week Lapbook in Spanish

This Holy Week lap book (available in either Spanish or English) makes a great keepsake for children to remember the story of the Resurrection.

Awesome pack of resurrection printables has everything you need to create a lapbook in Spanish or English

Note: On most of the images in this post I have used Holy Week for two reasons.  “Resurrection” was hard to fit without making the text too small, and Holy Week explains that these resources are covering the entire last week of Jesus’ life and not just the Resurrection Day.

Take a video tour of the Holy Week lapbook:


If you prefer to read, just scroll on down for the full directions.

Make a Resurrection Lapbook

Resurrection Lapbook Materials

Materials Needed:

  • Letter size file folder (These are very hard to find in Colombia.  Instead we used a blue “Presentation Folder.”)
  • 12 construction paper pieces (2 in. x 4.5 in.).  We wanted rainbow colors.  🙂
  • Cover page, object, number, and book printables (all included in free download at the end of this post)

Front Cover:

Beautiful covers are perfect for any Holy Week or Resurrection project

Choose one of our full page covers in color or black/white as shown above, or make your own with this simple resurrection cross art project.

Inside: (Before we started this project, I prepared everything as shown below.)

Resurrection Lapbook Prep

On the left side, we glued a copy of the printable resurrection book.  (You can see how we prefer to put our printable books together in the video above.  Basically fold each page in half, stack the pages in order, then staple it three times along the left hand side.  This leaves nice thick pages for little fingers to turn.)

FREE Holy Week Mini-Book is the perfect supplement to Resurrection Eggs.

On the right side, came the rainbow flaps.  Cut 12 construction paper pieces (2 x 4.5), fold them in half, and glue them as shown above.  Children can either glue on the printable numbers in the download, use stick-on labels to write their own, or simply write the number on the front of each flap.

A fun and engaging lift-a-flap retelling of the real Easter Story

How to use the Resurrection Lapbook:

It depends on the age of your children and how independent you would like them to work.  (I had the lapbooks assembled as shown above, and had them do the numbers all at once before we began the readings.)

Step 1) Read the passage from scripture, and read the story from a children’s bible.  (Here is our favorite bilingual bible for preschoolers.)

Step 2) The children would color the corresponding page of the mini-book.

Step 3) Have them glue on the object we chose for that day under the number flap.

You can also make this as hands-on or crafty as you would like by replacing some or all of the printables with objects.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Donkey – plastic donkey or a bit of animal fur like from our shedding cocker, hehe (to represent the triumphant entry)
  2. Coins – 3 silver coins (to represent Judas’ betrayal of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver)
  3. Cup – a thimble or piece of tin foil shaped like a cup (to represent the Last Supper)
  4. Praying Hands – a smooth twig* or scrap of paper rolled into a scroll (to represent Jesus’ prayer in the garden) *In Benjamin’s Box, he breaks a twig from an olive tree and rolls it in his hand while praying.
  5. Whip – a piece of leather (to represent the soldier’s whipping Jesus)
  6. Crown – a thorn or crown made from a flower stem (to represent the crown of thorns)
  7. Nails – 2 nails hot-glued in a cross shape (to represent Jesus being nailed to the cross)
  8. Dice – a die (to represent the soldier’s casting lots for Jesus’ clothes)
  9. Spear – a toothpick broken in half (to represent the spear piercing Jesus’ side)
  10. Cloth – a scrap of cheesecloth or fabric (to represent Joseph wrapping Jesus in linen cloth)
  11. Stone – a rock (to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb)
  12. Empty – to represent the empty tomb

Note: The objects above correspond with the book Benjamin’s Box.  To find out how we use them together, check out the blog post on how to make your own set of Resurrection Eggs.


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