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Looking for an awesome resource to practice Spanish colors?  This Color Vocabulary Pack is sure to engage your students in English or Spanish!

Free Spanish Colors Printables

Let me start by explaining how our vocabulary packs came about.  I needed a resource I could use to teach ALL of my children Spanish at the same time.  They range from 3-11 years old and some have special needs, so I needed a variety of options to reach their different levels.  It was quite the challenge.  hehe

FREE Color Word Printables

Originally, I wanted them to create some sort of thematic picture dictionary to practice vocabulary.  This would also serve as a resource they could turn to when they wanted to write.  We created a coloring version for the preschoolers, my Kinders use the cut and paste, my elementary children label the pictures, and my artistic children often choose to illustrate their own also.  (You can see a sample of all the versions in the image below.)

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We have some children that are lacking in phonemic awareness, so we use the flashcards to practice sorting the words by number of syllables, counting letters, find rhyming words, etc.  You could also print two sets of the flashcards (an English and Spanish set) for a bilingual game of Memory or Go Fish!

Spanish color flashcards

Since Spanish is the second language of my children, they also needed lots of extra writing practice.  The “Word Work” section has Trace and Match, Box It Word Puzzle, Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste in English (Article Cut and Paste in Spanish), ABC Order, Syllable Sorting, and more!  This gives them many different contexts to practice their new vocabulary.  I like to put these sheets in sheet protectors, and have them use dry erase markers so they can practice repeatedly.  

We also included some basic writing prompt pages.  Some have word banks and checklists so children can feel confident.  After testing these out for the past couple of months, we kept coming up with more and more resources!  

FREE Color I have who has

Our favorite additions include an Interactive Mini-book, I Have, Who Has? Game, and the classic Bingo.

FREE Bilingual Color Bingo in English and Spanish

Since our Brown Bear Texture Book is a popular freebie, we decided to make the Color Vocabulary Pack a MEGA-freebie for you!  It uses the same Brown Bear images, to give children 60 pages of color vocabulary practice in each language.  Since the colors do not have articles, it doesn’t have quite as many options of our other packs, but I hope it gives you a good idea of all the fun stuff these packs include. 🙂

If you like this Color Pack, you can check out our other vocabulary packs here in our store or on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Right now we have the full Farm (La Granja), and Pets (Las Mascotas) pack ready to go!  We are adding more themes each week, so leave us a comment if there is a theme you would like to see.
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  5. I am a retired teacher going to Guatemala for a week in March. I will be working with elementary children, while their parents attend the medical clinic. I am not fluent in Spanish. While the parents are with medical professionals, I would like to provide the youngsters with some fun and educational activities. I am open to your suggestions.

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