FREE Shamrock Counting Book

Have children working on Ten Frames this St. Patrick’s Day?  Then this resource is just for you!  We love to combine literacy with math concepts and this Shamrock Counting Book does just that.

FREE Shamrock Counting Book

The packet includes two versions, with or without ten frames.  In the ten frame version the children trace the number and color the shamrocks in the ten frame.  In the blank version, the children draw the correct number of shamrocks on each page.  They could also use a green stamp pad to make shamrock fingerprints instead of drawing them.

Ten Frame or Blank Shamrock Counting Book

To assemble the book, you could let the children cut along all of the dotted lines and then staple it (as in the top sample above).  However, the best way for little fingers learning how to turn pages is to do this:

How to assemble Counting Shamrock Book

Cut the top and bottom of the pages as shown in the shaded green area, then cut the remaining page into three strips.

How to assemble Counting Shamrock Book 2

Fold the six strips in half, then put them in order.

How to assemble Counting Shamrock Book 3

Stack them up, then staple along the left hand side.  This will make a book with thicker pages to turn so little learners will not have to fumble.  It will also give you the text on both the left and right side, and they will only have to turn half of the pages.

This counting book can be sung to the tune of Ten Little Indians (Diez Pequénos Indios en español).  NOTE: I do not endorse the cultural correctness of 10 Little Indians, rather than Native Americans, but I don’t know any other way to explain the tune.  Now that we are clear on that, here is the tune in English.

Here is a version in Spanish.

If you still can’t figure out how to sing it with the book, leave a comment and I’ll have my little leprechauns make a music video. 😉

Click to Download 10 Green Shamrocks 

Click to Download 10 Tréboles Verdes

If you are in the mood for shamrocks or ten frames, check out our new “I Have, Who Has?” or “Yo Tengo, Quién Tiene?” games in our TpT store.  We have tally marks, counting fingers, numbers, and more!  Click the images below for more details.  (If you want to know more about “I Have, Who Has?” games, download a FREE version for numbers 0-10 here.)
I Have Who Has Shamrock Ten Frames
Yo Tengo Quien Tiene Tréboles en Cuadro de Diez
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