Spanish number writing rhymes

I am so excited to finally share these BILINGUAL number formation rhymes with you!  I have used similar rhymes to teach preschoolers and Kindergartners to write their numbers for more than a decade.  There are plenty of versions floating around the internet, but here is what makes our rhymes different.

  • Consistency – It always bugged me that some were short and others much longer.  All of our rhymes are the same length (four beats), and end with the phrase “I know how to write a zero (or whatever the name of the number is).”  This predictable pattern make the rhymes quick to learn, and more fluid to chant all together.
  • Picture cues – Every rhyme has concrete illustrations that match.  For example, number three is “Hop around the tree, around the tree.  I know how to write a three.” and the visual cue is a kangaroo hopping around a tree.
  • Rhyme describes number formation – By saying the rhyme, the children are internalizing the correct way to write the number.  For example, the most important part of writing a number one is starting at the top.  Our number one rhyme is “Start at the top and down you run, I know how to write a one.”
  • They are BILINGUAL!!!  Yes, that deserves an all caps because it was no easy task.  Thank you to my mastermind group of Spanglish mamas and husband who helped refine these rhymes, until they made sense and rhymed well in both English and Spanish.

If you are just teaching a couple of children how to write their numbers, here is the perfect pack for you!  It includes a reference guide (numbers 0-9 plus the rhymes laid out in one page) in English and Spanish, large flashcards with both the English and Spanish version on the back, and bilingual number writing practice sheets.

FREE Bilingual Number Writing Rhymes

Since we are Spanglish Schoolhouse, we like to offer bilingual products for free here on the blog.  However, I know most classroom teachers, even in dual language programs need to have their material in one language or the other.  If you would prefer an English only or Spanish only version, or if you would like even more poster and number writing practice page options, I have just the packs available in our store.

Adorable number poems to teach correct number formation

 Buy the English version now or find it on TpT.


Adorable Spanish number poems to teach correct number formation

Buy the Spanish version now or find it on TptT.


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