This printable family tree in Spanish is the perfect craftivity to extend your family vocabulary practice!

Making a family tree in Spanish is a great way to reinforce family vocabulary!

We have been having a great time using our La Familia Vocabulary Pack, and decided to stick to the casual version of family members for this craftivity.  Here are the words included:

  • dad – papá
  • mom – mamá
  • brother – hermano
  • sister – hermana
  • uncle – tío
  • aunt – tía
  • cousin – primo
  • grandpa – abuelo
  • grandma – abuela

Material Needed:

To make the tree shown above, you will need to print:

  • One tree per child
  • Lift-a-flap pages (download includes blank, English family names, or Spanish family names)
  • Colored pencils to color/draw your family
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make a Family Tree:

  1. Color the tree page.
  2. Cut out the circles on the solid lines.  You will fold these in half to make the lift-a-flap family members.
  3. Draw the correct family member inside the flap.
  4. Arrange them on the tree to your liking, and THEN glue them on.  If you put Yo (Me) on the trunk of the tree, you will have room for more family members.

If you have a large family, you might want to skip the tree page, and just create your own family tree on posterboard.

For a more personal touch, you could use a hand/arm print to make your tree, or even print off pictures of family instead of drawing them.

Ready to use your Family Tree for Spanish practice?

To add vocabulary practice you could use the following prompts:

  • “Quien es ella?” and child answers “Ella es (la mamá, la abuela, la hermana, la tía).”
  • “Quien es él?” and child answers “Él es (el papá, el abuelo, el hermano, el tío, el bebé, el primo).”

If they are pointing to their own family members, they would substitue “mi” for the articles “el” or “la.”  For example,

  • “Quien es ella?” and child answers “Ella es mi hermana.”

Perfect way to learn about family vocabulary in Spanish

Looking for more family vocabulary resources?  Read about how we used our 70+ page La Familia Spanish Vocabulary Pack here , or head to our store and grab it NOW!

(If you prefer an English version, we have that too.)

Download FREE Family Tree Now

We would love to see your version of this Family Tree craftivity.  Please leave a comment and tell us how it went, or even better…send us a picture!

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