If you are looking for English vocabulary printables, you have come to the right place!  These aren't your normal busywork printables, but resources uniquely designed to engage learners.  All of the options make it easy to provide differentiation from Preschool on up.

Jana Crizon

Founder of Spanglish Schoolhouse

Hola! I'm a former Kindergarten teacher, turned bilingual homeschooling mom.

When we moved to Colombia, teaching my children Spanish and quickly expanding their vocabulary became a top priority.

Want to know how our vocabulary packs came about?

In my years of teaching Preschool and Kindergarten, creating curriculum was one of my FAVORITE things to do.  

We needed a resource to teach ALL of our children Spanish at the same time. They ranged from 3-11 years old and some have special needs, so we needed a variety of options to reach their different levels. It was quite the challenge. Hehe

We started with the dictionary pages so they could create a thematic picture dictionary to practice vocabulary. Soon, they were reading these pages in their spare time. They LOVED them!

When our preschoolers wanted to write, they began looking for their dictionary to copy the words correctly. Now, we were really on to something.

Over time, we kept adding more and more options. Games like Bingo and “Yo Tengo, Quien Tiene?” to practice oral language. Videos of our mini-readers so they could read along with the stories. Song pages with QR Codes so they could sing along.

Meanwhile, I was teaching English to adults on the side. We translated the dictionary into English to use in our adult classes, and it worked great!

Then our Spanish-speaking friends wanted resources to teach their children English as well. Soon we will have English versions of ALL of our Spanish vocabulary resources too!

Which Vocabulary Bundle is right for you?

Below you will see all 10 vocabulary resources available, and which resources are in a certain bundle.  Remember that the bundle includes those resources for ALL 12 THEMES!  

For example, the Bingo bundle includes flashcards and Bingo cards for all 12 themes.  

Our most popular bundle is the Preschool and the best value is definitely the Deluxe.

Take a behind the scenes tour...

Shop by Theme

Looking for English vocabulary printables for a specific theme?  Each thematic pack includes all 10 resources shown on the chart above.  These are great resources if you only need supplementary materials for a couple of themes. 

The English Deluxe Thematic Bundle contains ALL of these packs at a major discount!

Here's what other's are saying...


These vocabulary packs are going to save me SO MUCH TIME!  I love that there are so many different activities.  My students are never going to get bored.


Spanish Teacher

 PreK - 8th grade


THANK YOU, GRACIAS, for this amazing resource!  I can't wait to share the scanned code so students can practice at home.  I'm working on better organizing my lesson resources ahead of time.  The way you've designed these vocab packs will help tremendously.


Spanish Teacher

2nd-5th, High school


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