Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs

If you’ve been around this Schoolhouse long, you know that we aren’t big on the Easter Bunny this time of the year. Bunnies are cute (my daughters favorite animal actually) and springtime is lovely, but we love to focus our attention on the Resurrection of Christ!  There is so much to discover from Jesus’ last week here on Earth, and these Resurrection Egg printables are a great way to do it.


Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs in Spanish

I first discovered resurrection eggs at the Christian Bookstore when I was teaching Sunday School 15 years ago.  (Yes, our set has lasted that long!)  Now there are a whole bunch of options if you would like to purchase resurrection eggs.  (These are affiliate links, which means if you purchase through them we may get a small percentage at NO cost to you.  Read our full disclosure here.  Thanks so much for supporting Spanglish Schoolhouse!)  These are basically a dozen plastic eggs that each contain an object that tell the events of Holy Week.  For example, a coin symbolizes when Judas betrayed Jesus, a rock represent the stone that was placed in front of the tomb, etc.

Now that we live outside of the US, I wanted to share these with some friends and family members.  Uh-Oh.  No way was I going to pay the shipping to import them, and I needed a Spanish version I could trust.  I asked my awesome husband to design a set for us and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.  🙂

How to make your own set of Resurrection Eggs

Materials Needed:

  • an egg carton for a dozen eggs
  • 12 plastic eggs
  • Printable of 12 objects (included in free download at the end of this post)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie to number the eggs

For the simple version, just number the eggs 1-12 with a permanent marker.  (I think writing the numbers on circle sticker labels looks nice too.)  Then cut out the objects and put one inside each egg, but make sure you follow the order on the chart.  That’s it!

DIY Resurrection Eggs in Spanish

We love to use the book Benjamin’s Box with our set of eggs, so I choose objects that correspond with this version of the book.  You can also make this as hands-on or crafty as you would like by replacing some or all of the printables with objects.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Donkey – plastic donkey or a bit of animal fur like from our shedding cocker, hehe (to represent the triumphant entry)
  2. Coins – 3 silver coins (to represent Judas’ betrayal of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver)
  3. Cup – a thimble or piece of tin foil shaped like a cup (to represent the Last Supper)
  4. Praying Hands – a smooth twig* or scrap of paper rolled into a scroll (to represent Jesus’ prayer in the garden) *In Benjamin’s Box, he breaks a twig from an olive tree and rolls it in his hand while praying.
  5. Whip – a piece of leather (to represent the soldier’s whipping Jesus)
  6. Crown – a thorn or crown made from a flower stem (to represent the crown of thorns)
  7. Nails – 2 nails hot-glued in a cross shape (to represent Jesus being nailed to the cross)
  8. Dice – a die (to represent the soldier’s casting lots for Jesus’ clothes)
  9. Spear – a toothpick broken in half (to represent the spear piercing Jesus’ side)
  10. Cloth – a scrap of cheesecloth or fabric (to represent Joseph wrapping Jesus in linen cloth)
  11. Stone – a rock (to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb)
  12. Empty – to represent the empty tomb

How to use Resurrection Eggs

  • Have an egg hunt – Hide the eggs, and have children find them.  Gather around and open them in order, telling the resurrection story as you go.  This is a great way to share the story with neighborhood children, bring some joy to nursing home patients, or incorporate a hands-on lesson to your Sunday School class.
  • Use as an Easter Dinner centerpiece – Fill a basket in the center of the table with the Resurrection Eggs.  After dinner have each guest choose an egg (or more if you have a small group, or hand them out to certain people if you have a large group).  Encourage them to open the eggs, and guess what they have in common.  See if the group can figure it out on their own, and piece together the story of the Resurrection.
  • Create a special family devotion time – For the 12 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday, open an egg each morning or night.  Read the verse that goes along with it, and discuss the story as a family.  Choose to open the last egg the night before Easter, or on Easter Sunday.  Connect the empty egg to the empty tomb, and how that is the REAL reason we celebrate.  Jesus has risen from the dead, and made a way for us to be with Him for eternity!!


This is our family’s favorite way to use our homemade Resurrection Eggs.  For the 12 days leading up to Easter, we have a special little wooden box on our mantel.  Every morning I set out an object (or two…depending on the exact date we start). Children try to guess what is inside the box, then we read the matching section of the story from Benjamin’s Box. We leave the collection of objects (donkey, coins, etc.) in the box until Resurrection Sunday.

Our hardback version of the book disappeared in our last move, so I went looking for an electronic version. Right now the Kindle version is on sale for $1.99 if you have Amazon Prime!


Looking for more Resurrection resources?

You can also use the same printables in the FREE resurrection pack above to create a Holy Week Lapbook.

A fun and engaging lift-a-flap retelling of the real Easter Story

Try this easy Resurrection art project you can do with the whole family.

Looking for a low-prep Resurrection Art project? These chalk pastel crosses are simple enough that even preschoolers can make them beautifully.

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  1. I was introduced to the resurrection eggs by a relative and thought this is a grand idea to use as an Easter presentation to my church family on Sunday.

  2. Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to tears at work so
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    Anyhow, amazing blog!

  3. Wooow! This is such a great resource for sharing the gospel. My church got a set of Resurrection Eggs as a donation, but the booklet and 1 of the pieces were missing. With this resource I’m going to be able to complete the set and use it in Sunday school. Thank you very much! By the way…I’m from Mexico, so the Spanish version will be used. You saved me the translation time! Thanks!!! God bless, you are doing an amazing job.

    1. Thanks so much Cynthia! I love to hear stories like this, so thank you for the encouragement. 🙂 May your Sunday School time be blessed learning the story of Jesus’ resurrection in Spanish!

  4. This is so great! Sharing with mamas from our Spanish-speaking church in Northwest Arkansas. Thank you so much for putting this all together and making it available for free, I really appreciate it!!

  5. Thank you so much for this free downloadable resource. During COVID-19 we are trying to put something together for our entire church family. Would we have permission to use the resurrection egg images sheet for this mailing to our congregation? Thank you for your ministry and hope you are safe and well through all of this. God bless!

    1. Hi Mary! I love to see how the body of Christ is coming together even stronger during COVID-19. I just sent you an email about the images. 😉

  6. Thank you so much for this!!! I was trying to find a Spanish version for the kids at my church.
    Do you think I could use this to record a video with the story and post it on our church’s page?
    Do you know where you get the images from?

  7. We are a small church that turned one-year-old right when the pandemic hit. We have started worship online and it's challenging to connect with the children. This is a great lesson, fun, and will keep their attention. I have been looking high and low for the correct figures that matched the story of the Resurrection Eggs I found online and your site was the only one that has the ones we need. Thank you for continuing to spread the word of Jesus Christ for our children–miuch needed.

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