Don't throw the seeds away after you carve that pumpkin! Try this simple science fun with pumpkin seed windows.

Pumpkin Seed Windows

So you’ve carved the pumpkin….now what?  Don’t throw all the innards away!  Here’s an idea for some simple science fun called Pumpkin Seed Windows. First, make sure to prepare your “soil.”   You’ll need a snack-sized ziplock baggie and paper napkin or towel for each child, and a stapler.  Fold the napkin so it fits …

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Gluten Free Puppy Chow Recipe

Puppy Chow is a long-time Kindergarten teacher recipe.  🙂  I haven’t made it since moving to Panama as imported cereals like Chex or Crispex are way too expensive!  However, I found this big bag of Brown Rice Puffed Cereal at Organica for $2.50.  Since we have a couple of children in our group that eat …

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