White Dog Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book

For the White Dog page, glue on some fake snow.  (Like the plastic kind you can find in all the stores at Christmas.)  I always have a big bag in my art stash for winter art projects, but I know that is not the case for everyone.  Some other texture ideas include gluing on salt, flour, or even shredded coconut.

Brown Bear Texture Book White Dog Sample

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  Note:  The above page is the version you will receive in the free download.  The examples below are meant to show different techniques you can try…please ignore the different images.  😉

I’ve tried printing the pages on colored paper, and having the children color them with chalk in the past.  However, even after spraying them with hairspray to stop the smearing…it never really worked well.  Maybe if you have actual chalk pastels it might work a little better?


(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 3/31/12)

So, this week we used our fingers to spread on some white glue,

then sprinkled on some fake snow,

and patted it down.

Next, Miss Jennifer was “dog-piled” on for some white snow and dog themed read-alouds. hehe

Then the doggies went to the kitchen for some white popcorn.  (I didn’t quite have the Puppy Chow snack ready, but we did make it over the weekend.  Click here for the recipe…)

Jooby was NOT going to be left out, and ran in on all fours just like the big kids.

The little bulldog guarding his popcorn.  hehe

No group shot this week, but had to get a pic of Abi in her “white dog” poodle shirt!



More white ideas include:

  • Play Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone? (Instructions can be found at DLTK Kids)
  • Read any McDuff books (our favorite series because the main character is a Westie!!)
  • Make sugar cube sculptures (use a toothpick with white glue to hold them together)

Please check out our Pet Pinterest Board for more Dog Themed Activities…
 Do you have any other White Dog ideas to share?

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