Red Bird Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book

For the Red Bird page, we used crayons to color it…then comes the fun part, hehe.  Make it fuzzy with red feathers!  Have them spread white glue where they would like the feathers, (which will be all over if they are anything like my children) and practice those fine motor skills by sticking them on one at a time. 

Red Bird Page of the Brown Bear Texture Book

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I can hear it now, “Where in the world do you find red feathers?”  My first year of teaching Kindergarten, it wasn’t easy.  Then my very creative teacher’s aide found a red feather boa at a costume shop.  We snipped feathers for a whole class of red bird pages for a few years with that boa.  Now that craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby are all over the United States, you can find multiple feather options there ranging from various boas to bags of feathers in all colors of the rainbow.  In Colombia, I found bags of multicolored feathers stay fairly well stocked at Panamericana.  We have used those fun feathers in other projects like our Egg-Laying Hens, too.

If you live somewhere in the world where feathers are hard to come by, just visit your local craft store and get creative.  One year we made these red birds by gluing on puffy pipe cleaners, and another year with dried baby’s breath flowers spray painted red.



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Do you have any other red bird ideas to share?

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