Purple Cat Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book
For the Purple Cat page, you will need shaving cream and purple paint.  
Purple Cat Painting
We used a little piece of waxed paper as a palette.  Squirt on some shaving cream, add a couple drops of purple paint, and let them mix away until you get a purple you like.
Purple Cat Fingerpainting

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(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 3/24/12)

It was fingerpainting fun for purple cat week!  

Abi was ready to wash her hands right away, hehe.

Peter was back again this week, Hooray!  and wanted a picture with his creation.

We used up some lingering conversation hearts to decorate some purple cat cupcakes.

Field wore a purple frosting goatee to match the purple cape.  hehe

Jooby kept signing “please,” pointing to the table, and saying “um-uh, um-uh!”

He waited so patiently, he got his first frosted cupcake to devour solo.

Sissy was very upset that she had no purple clothes to wear for Fun Friday.  I remembered a cat costume tucked away from when Aunt Jamie sent the scavenger hunt package.  It just so happened to be purple!

I think my girl’s dreams came true!!  I can’t believe that despite the itchy fur, she wore the entire costume for five days straight!!

More purple ideas include:

  • Read Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson
  • Make Morada Salsa for a healthy snack

For more Purrfect inspiration, check out our Cat Pinterest Board.

Do you have any other Purple Cat ideas to share?

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