Orange Fish Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book

For the Orange Fish page, glue torn paper to make scales on the orange fish.


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Some of my favorite versions from the past have come from metallic posterboard and florescent computer paper.  Note:  The 

(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 4/21/12)

Everyone did a great job tearing their own paper!

I was inspired by the homemade Cheeze-Its recipe at Little House Living, and decided to try our own gluten-free version.  I followed the recipe, substituting quinoa flour.

It worked great and tasted fine, however the color of the dough wasn’t a bright orange.

Although some very creative people have figured out how to make their own goldfish-cracker-sized-cutter, I decided to go the simple route and let everyone just make one big cracker fish.  The big fish was also with some other fun cutters, so I just let them chose their favorite…hence the dinosaur and duck crackers.  hehe

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More orange ideas include:

  • Goldfish cracker math
  • Squeeze your own orange juice
  • Make sweet potato fries
  • Watch the movie Finding Nemo

For more Fishy inspiration, check out our Fish Pinterest Board.


Do you have any other Orange Fish ideas to share?

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