Green Frog Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book

For the Green Frog page, begin by using crayons to color your frog.  Next, you will want to give your frog some green glitter sparkle.  The least messy way is to use green glitter glue.  I usually make the child hold up one finger, and remind them we only need one finger to spread.  Then I squeeze a few blobs on and let them spread as desired.  You can do the same thing with regular white glue, you just need to add the step of sprinkling the green glitter on then tapping it off.  Glitter inside my house always gives me heart palpitations, so I usually work with a couple children at a time…OUTSIDE!  hehe  Having each child work over a tray also helps a lot with containing the mess. 

Green Frog page of Brown Bear Texture Book

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(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 3/17/12)

I was outvoted this week, and our green frogs were painted

and glitter glued before I knew what was happening.  hehe

Abi jumped in enthusiastically this week!


Shamrock pops were next, (although I couldn’t locate my instructions and thought I could wing it.)

We had done this successfully two years ago, but these packs of lifesavers were short on the green, so we had to use white as well.

Note to self, 300 degrees is too hot, and lifesavers will burn.  hehe

Oops, I think only one turned out looking semi-shamrockish

Elias didn’t mind, hehe.

Here’s our green crew this week…

More green ideas include:

  • Make guacamole
  • Have a green veggie taste test (with broccoli, green peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, etc.)  Serve with spinach dip and graph your results!
  • Make Green Fly Pie (otherwise known as Grasshopper Pie)

For more Froggy Inspiration, check out our Pond Habitat Pinterest Board


Do you have any other Green Frog ideas to share?

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