Gray Mouse Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book

For the Gray Mouse page, we mixed our own gray paint on wax paper.  Start with a blob of white, and add just a couple of drops of black at a time until you get a good shade of gray.  Remember, it will darken a little as it dries.

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If you would like to include a little art history, google “pointillism.”  Share a few of your favorite images with your children, to show them the amazing art that can be done by using dots.  Then explain that is what they will be doing today, using a Q-tip to paint their mouse with dots.  (Old pencil erasers work also, but we didn’t have any laying around now that we switched over to mechanical pencils.  If your child gets frustrated by a fraying Q-tip, erasers might be the way to go.)
Gray Mouse color mixing paint
If fine motor skills are still developing, you might encourage them to stop, shake their hands and wrists, and rest a bit if they need to.   
Gray Mouse dot q-tip painting
Here is a close up of what your mouse will look like.  Isn’t that fun texture?
(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 4/28/12)

We had lots of fun mouse books to read.

Our favorite was “The Little Mouse and the Red, Ripe Strawberry.

Yes, there is a new bundle snoozing in the picture above…Miss Clare brought our newest jungle baby for the first time!  Welcome Berdie!!  (and twin sister Laney too 🙂 )

Next it was to the table to make our own little mice…cookies that is.  Elias waiting very patiently,

and Jooby, not so much.  hehe  

Poor baby has to squack pretty loud to get fed with this busy mama on Friday mornings.

We used our Hamantaschen dough recipe, which is like whole wheat sugar cookie dough, and just did some “directed molding.”  Roll a ball, squish it to look like a rainbow.  Roll a skinny snake for the tail, little balls for the ears, a chocolate chip eye, then into the oven to bake!

I thought they turned out very cute.

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More gray ideas include:

For more mousey inspiration, check out our Mouse Pinterest Board.

Do you have any other Gray Mouse ideas to share?

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