For the Brown Bear page, stir in some some coffee grounds or instant coffee granules to your brown paint for a smelly experience.

You will be painting two…one for the cover, and another for the actual Brown Bear page.

Brown Bear paint



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(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 2/11/12)

Everyone jumped right in on this week’s action…

It was Sofia’s first time painting, and Sissy was honored to help.

Next it was to the table to make this week’s cooking project…Bear Paws!

Chocolate bear claw recipe(Spread some peanut butter on a cracker, “glue” a fudge cookie paw on,

then add some chocolate chip claws.)

I talked my Goldilocks into braids…can you believe it?!?

Somehow, I convinced Jooby, that the Ducales crackers were way yummier than chocolate!  hehe  I don’t think my secret is safe for long.  😉

More brown ideas include:

  • Teddy Graham math
  • Make some “Bearry” Banana Breakfast Bars for a healthy snack (I followed this recipe from Anja’s Food 4 Thought. It made about 10 bears, using our big bear cookie cutter, and they were perfect at 12 minutes.)
  • Read Jamberry over, and over, and over…hehe.  My in-house chef was inspired to make yet another bear cooking creation (toast with our bear cookie cutters.)  This time a Jam-Bear-ry, of course.  🙂

  • Watch a Berenstain Bears movie (there are plenty of options on YouTube)

For more bear-y good ideas, check out our Bubba Bear Pinterest Board


Do you have any other Brown Bear ideas to share?

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