Blue Horse Printable for Brown Bear Texture Book

For the Blue Horse page, use colored pencils to color your horse.  For younger children, you will want to precut the pieces of yarn.  Have them spread white glue on the mane and tail areas, then put the yarn on one at a time for some great fine motor practice.  For older children, you can give them one long piece of yarn, and have them practice estimating and measuring until they fill in all of the hairy areas.

Blue Horse page from Brown Bear Texture Book

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Just a little side note…these pictures make me laugh as they symbolize two very different phases in my life. 

#1 The first year anal perfectionist teacher, who wouldn’t settle for yarn, and went to the fabric store to find blue fake fur.  Then silly me would literally stay up ALL night doing things like cutting NINETEEN manes and tails to match the precise area shown above.  (Actually, I just came up with the crazy idea on this one, it was mom and Grandma who worked the Cutco scissors into the night.)

#2 The mother who now doesn’t even care that her child refused to use the colored pencil, and insisted on crayons…as long as it’s blue, it’ll work!

Wow…you’ve come a long way baby!

(The following is a repost from our preschool coop on 3/10/12)

It was markers galore for this week’s project.

A quick shot of the blue crew…

I hurt my back on Wednesday, and was a little slow on the Fun Friday picture taking I guess.  We did make these blue horses earlier in the week though.

Can you guess who they belong to?  hehe

More blue ideas include:

  • Make a LEGO brick blue horse

For more Equestrian inspiration, check out our Horse pinterest board

Do you have any other Blue Horse ideas to share?

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