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Learn the Spanish Alphabet with Alfa Animales

Introducing . . . Alfa Animales!

Every letter of the Spanish alphabet is symbolized by a unique animal native to Latin America. All 21 Spanish speaking countries are represented!

Each animal was professionally illustrated to form a letter of the Spanish alphabet with their body. This is an instant mneumonic device for children!

Every animal has an ASL sign associated with it. By incorporating sign language in the movements, children are learning a third language!

Most animal names were chosen to match the gender of the article. For example, Bela ~ la bellena, Zaqui ~ el zorrillo.

Integrating subjects has never been easier! Children can learn about Latin American culture, and animal adaptations, while learning to read in Spanish!

This multi-sensory method of learning... Seeing the animal shaped like the letter, hearing the sound, doing the motion while saying the letter sound…is the perfect recipe for Spanish reading success!

Jana Crizon

Founder of Spanglish Schoolhouse

Hola!  I'm a former Kindergarten teacher, turned bilingual homeschooling mom.  Learning how to read, write, and LOVE Spanish is a top priority for our family.  

Alfa Animales began as a multi-sensory, research-based method developed to teach our children the Spanish Alphabet.

Next thing we knew, children from the US down to Colombia were falling in love with their Alfa Animales!  They wanted to know what the animals ate, where they lived, and how to draw/create the animals in their art.  Children were being drawn to Spanish because of our unique animal friends, so we jumped on the opportunity for more learning!

What started out as a Pre-Reading program, will soon be teaching children around the world about Latin American culture, art, science, and math.  Imagine a cross-curricular Spanish program all packaged up behind a herd of exotic animals!

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Sandra Miller

Homeschool Mom

I'm a bilingual homeschool mom living in Colombia, previously a schoolteacher for 11 years in middle school and high school.  I was searching for a reliable Spanish program for my preschooler that would lay a solid base for his Spanish literary skills.  

We are almost finished using all of the resources in the Alfa-Animales Abecedario Homeschool package, and I am very happy with the results. Even my three-year-old has been learning the letter sounds along with her brother.  Thank you Spanglish Schoolhouse for your amazing work!


My children are 5 and 3, and I had no idea where to start with teaching them to read in Spanish.  After watching the video a few times they were already copying the motions, and even my youngest was picking up on the Spanish letter sounds.  I couldn't believe it!


 Former Spanish Teacher

Homeschool Mom of 2 


Finding time to fit everything in the day is very challenging.  I love that with Alfa Animales, I can integrate science and math with our alphabet lessons.  Their spelling is much more lively also, as they are saying the animal names as they write down letters.  As long as they are connecting the sounds to the letter, it doesn't bother me a bit.  My students absolutely LOVE the animals!


 Spanish Kindergarten Teacher 

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